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funny line, but then its not my comment, rather Lal Kishen Advani, the leader of the Indian opposition said that today. I am having great fun watching all the news channels going back and forth, and the million dollar question. “will the govt hold or will it not?”

For all the rhetoric and principles, its finally breaking down into a game of numbers and how openly!

The best analysis of the numbers is here.

*courtesy rediff

The Nuclear Deal has made every political party seem like the wheeling dealing camp that it truly is, and as a citizen of India for the past 25 years all i can do is watch in amusement.

My view?

I think that the govt will hold and i am rather happy to see the left go from the govt. I have never been a fan of the commies who have been enjoying power without the any of its responsibilities.

Not that i am a congress supporter, but the main allegations of the opposition and the left

1. UPA has not been able to tackle inflation.

Well the govt weighed down by the left has not exactly been a shining light for policies leading to a strong economy, (the congress by itslef sounds more and more like a socialist party with each passing day) , but then, the current bout of inflation is caused by a variety of forces like the price of oil+ higher integration with the global economy, the real estate market hitting a correction etc., and is not exactly the congress’s creation.

more importantly

2. The deal makes India a subordinate of the US.

India i believe is a very strong country today, both militarly and economically to be sub servient to any other nation. Does this deal put India as an ally of the US? Maybe, but being an ally of the US is not exactly a bad thing. And India is today in a position to craft its foreign policy based on the new world order and the way it chooses fit.

Am i for the Nuclear Deal? overwhelmingly yes.

Do i “want” the congress to remain in power?? I really dont care.

i am tempted to write “that sums up the current generations disillusionment with the political class”

I am going to this edition of Proto in Dehi and was booking the tickets myself this time when i noticed that the fuel surcharge was close to the price of the ticket,

end result? had to pay like 40% more then i thought i would have to, it got me thinking that that good old days of flying at 2000Rs has come to an end. Man, i miss those days! and gota credit Cpt. Gopinath and Deccan for opening up the Indian skies to the masses.

Anyways, a very interesting piece of news caught my eye today.

“Billionaire Wilbur Ross to Invest $80 Million in SpiceJet”

that was in rediff.

the international media has a slightly different take

“Billionaire Wilbur Ross saves low-cost India airline Spicejet”

For the uninitiated,  Ross is what they call a Vulture investor or an investor who plonks in money when firms have hit rock bottom

Well, good news for Spice, coz Ross has a track record of restructuring  failed companies, but it is still a sign of times, that the industry continues to bleed at a when most of them have predicted profitability. This is partly due to the price of the most valuable commodity on earth today-oil

We have been talking about tech bubble, speculating if the Indian capital market hitting 20000 had been a bubble etc., but Ross believes that a very real bubble is the current price of oil.

And with Spice operating in the world’s 2nd most populated country and squarely targeting  the 200 Million strong Indian Middle class, Spice is undoubtedly a decent buy for Ross.

Will Spice turn around or will it play out with an asset sale, only time will tell.

BTW., i am travelling in Spice jet 🙂

Was searching about Viral marketing and landed up on the youtube video “Everyday” by Noah Kalina, apparently this video has already been viewed more than 9 million times already (Views: 9,780,073 when i last checked ).

To me the video is kinda creepy, especially if you keep looking at noah’s eyes. And i am thinking that this guy sure must have some patience to take a pic of himself everyday for 6 years straight!!! Wow…kinda gets me thinking what actually prompted him to do that for that long, 6 years is a long long time….did it become  obsessive compulsive disorder after a while??

Anyways according to wikipedia

“In December 2006, Kalina posted 21 photos on Flickr showing him posing with Paris Hilton, Lance Bass, David Hasselhoff, Jenna Jameson, Weird Al Yankovic, and others. VH1 commissioned Kalina to come backstage at the VH1 Big in ‘06 Awards. In the televised ceremony, several of the pictures were shown before and after commercial breaks.“

Which means that he became a celebrity…Man these Americans are crazy!!!