Was watching Dasavatharam and man, what a letdown!!!

Couldn’t help, but think about what this movie could have been though.

A movie supposedly about the Butterfly effect and chaos theory which says that even the fluttering of the wings of a butterfly over a flower in China can cause ever so slight changes to impact the course of a hurricane in the Caribbean.

Or is it about the scientific belief, a la Chaos theory (of Govind) VS religious belief of the supernatural power of GOD and destiny(of Andal, his lady love, and Kamal the 12th century priest)???

I really don’t know or care and I am not very keen to sit again through another 3 and a half of the movie to figure out.
The movie starts out on a promising note with Kamal as a vaishnavite priest and goes on to show the conflict between vaishnavites and Shaivites.

it’s all downhill from this point on. The entire sequence shot in the US is clichéd beyond compare. And the less said about the other characters, the better.

Balram Naidu

Loved  the part of Kamal as the RAW officer Balram Naidu though. The guy is from Andra Pradesh, loves Telugu and has a soft corner for anyone from his home state :). That was my favourite character.

And maybe Kamal as the guy fighting the sand quarrying mafia is ok


Some of the characters like the old lady, the assassin, and the jap samurai are probably being missed on the sets of The Evil Dead and should go back there.

If I missed mentioning any other characters, it’s because they just flew over my head.

To be fair, its an entertaining movie in parts. Thats about it.

Oscar?...yea rt! maybe the monkey will win it

Oscar?...yea rt! maybe the monkey will win it

Maybe someone should remind Kamal that the ultimate aim of an actor is to make the character and the plot believable and all technicalities like makeup, gait, emoting etc are a means to that end.

Kamal Hasan in 10 roles??  Hope the producer’s didn’t have to pay Kamal 10x for his 10 characters 🙂