I have been using smart phones for quite sometime now and i must say that they are fantastic pieces of technology. With a smartphone you can do all the things that a previous generation computer could do..well almost.

The best part of using a smart phone is that these run of platforms like Symbian, Microsoft,Andriod etc., and have many independent software vendors writing nifty apps for them.

But to truly harness its power you would need a unlimited data connection, in India, if you subscribe to the blackberry service (cost- 1100 INR/month mark), you would get that thrown in.

My top 5 must have apps for my e61i are

1. Fring


Fring is a really cool app which lets you logon to all the messenger services like gtalk,Yahoo,Skype, etc., you can also use it to place skype calls. This thing does have a twitter integration, but its treated like a chat window, i didnt like the twitter integration much.

But oveerall a great app to chat when on the move, which is primarily what i use it for.

2. Gmail 2.0


in version 1.0 you couldn’t search mails properly, all that is fixed now and with this release, you can do pretty much everything that you would on a desktop. I still have to remember email addresses unlike in the desktop client, but i am not complaining.

3. emtube



I really really hate waiting and the best time pass is to watch some Youtube videos, now you can do that one your mobile as well. Emtube is THE best Youtube client out there — oh yea its better than Youtube’s own implementation. The video plays without a stutter, you can search for videos….pretty much does what you expect it to do without a flaw.



Works as advertised! if you extensively use twitter then this is a must have…it seems to have a location aware tweet posting thingie, i haven’t been able to test that coz my phone doesn’t have GPS.

5. Google MAPS

It does seem kinda strange, but looking at satellite shots of our office and home rooftops seem to provide us with hours of entertainment.

Best part is even if you do not have a GPS, Gmaps will tell you your location with a blinking blue dot.

And yes, all these apps are all FREE!