Was searching about Viral marketing and landed up on the youtube video “Everyday” by Noah Kalina, apparently this video has already been viewed more than 9 million times already (Views: 9,780,073 when i last checked ).

To me the video is kinda creepy, especially if you keep looking at noah’s eyes. And i am thinking that this guy sure must have some patience to take a pic of himself everyday for 6 years straight!!! Wow…kinda gets me thinking what actually prompted him to do that for that long, 6 years is a long long time….did it become  obsessive compulsive disorder after a while??

Anyways according to wikipedia

“In December 2006, Kalina posted 21 photos on Flickr showing him posing with Paris Hilton, Lance Bass, David Hasselhoff, Jenna Jameson, Weird Al Yankovic, and others. VH1 commissioned Kalina to come backstage at the VH1 Big in ‘06 Awards. In the televised ceremony, several of the pictures were shown before and after commercial breaks.“

Which means that he became a celebrity…Man these Americans are crazy!!!