Why is Tata’s broadband service so bad?

Recently got a Tata indicom commercial broadband for my new office @ Pellucid Networks in Chennai, I have always thought that Tata had a reputation for reliability, this brand perception of Tata has taken a beating in my eyes with my experience with the connection.

The connection drops like crazy and when i try reaching their customer care, which by itself is a herculean task, their executive has the gall to say “Sir, in this area, it is like this only”

I am writing this, in one of those shifting time spots that i do get Internet.

Unfortunately Airtel is not available in our area (Thiruvanmayur), so i am going to check out Reliance’s WiMAX technology. hope i wont have too much probs with that. And its Ta-Ta to Tata for me now.

PS – The connection dropped 6 times when posting this.